THE PROVISIONAL                                          



OCT. 14 - NOV. 15 2016

about the Provisional Center


a project by SPACE 

Gallery A21 Fall Residents 2016

October 14 - November 15

This Fall, the CCA Sculpture Department will host SPACE (Social Projects and Communal Environments) and their current project The Provisional Center for Artistic Inquiry - a working group who will construct and operate a shared studio/event space. We will have workshops, meals, classes, lectures, and performances throughout the month. The broad theme is: solidarity practices within the political economy.

This project is an experiment in the "temporary service" or "catalyzing action" of what has come to be called Social Practice. SPACE will use this month-long residence to create a space of criticality, one that looks at the current space of inhabitance (CCA, the Bay Area, USA, Planet Earth, October/November 2016) to develop a criteria or curriculum weaving through the overlapping interstices of experimental geography/globalism, race, identity and gender politics, the political economy, pedagogy, the educational institution and cosmopolitan diplomacy. These entry points will allow questions such as: what role does place play in orientation? how are utopian/universal places territorialized/governed? what do we gain in specifying where a place starts and ends? what assets can we offer each other? what does solidarity look like and how is it maintained? what role is art playing in all of this...?

participants will include:

Amy Balkin, Aaron Gach, Patricia Duarte Leal, Tania Butterworth, Travis McFlynn, Maio Alvear, Mary Elizabeth Hogan, Glenn Davis, Mia Feuer, Allison Smith, Rosa Novak, Mark Thompson, Linda Fleming, Brian Conley, Susanne Cockrell, Stefan Kaiter-Snyder, Mary Catherine Richardson, Vivian Harp and more.

for specific information regarding programming and events visit the calendar page

about SPACE 


(Social Projects and Community Environments) is a collective-network of artists, students, alumni, faculty, and community collaborators founded within the Sculpture Department at CCA some years ago. We focus on questions of space, place, and how we exist within/through it. We organize, host, and design projects that study, disrupt, and re-imagine the systems that shape the spaces we inhabit. SPACE acknowledges the uncertainty and possibility of each moment.

SPACE is fluid and ever-expanding.

recent projects have included:

- SPACE in Residence (2015) a two-week residence that hosted discussions about value/labor, film screenings (Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, (1972) and Routine Pleasures (Godard and Gorin, 1986), artist talks with Allison Smith, Brian Conley, Mark Thompson, Clay Jensen, Linda Fleming, Barney Haynes, and Mia Feuer.

-CCC (The Center for Crafting Criticality) a protest-through-practice staged at the CCA 2015 Spring Craft Fair, to call attention to the commodification of the art object, the role of craft, the corporatization of the educational institution, valuing labor in the arts, alternative avenues of exchange, and the aestheticization of protest.

-Stay Close: Geopolitics and Proxemics in the Living Room http://spacereading.chatovod.com/ - a Judith Butler reading group + chatroom following the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, taking up the question of a 'hierarchy of mourning' through discussion and close read of ?Violence, Mourning, Politics? by Judith Butler

-workshops and lectures w/CCA students and faculty, Michael Swaine, Chris Sollars, Travis McFlynn, Joseph Thomas, Haegen Crosby, Tania Butterworth, Caroline Weaver, Maria Nuñez and many many many more (to be added)